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Male or female?

(What to choose in a small race)

Contrary to some misconceptions and entrenched in the minds of some, the female is not more kind, gentle coaxing than a male!

The Female:

  • She has drawbacks related to its sexual cycle (bitches have two heat periods per year, every 6 months, each lasting 2 to 3 weeks).
  • Risk of projecting the intrusion of a male or fugue … the bitch.
  • Loss of blood during estrus (3semaines).
  • “Court” of the male dogs when walking, it can obviously expect small.
  • It is prone to false pregnancies (75% of females are affected more or less serious).
  • And 80% may suffer from uterine pathologies (metritis, pyometra) of breast diseases (tumors, agalactiae, mastitis) and puerperal eclampsia or tetany.It is advisable to sterilize and is limited to one dog.
    Make two or more coexist in the same environment could create problems of cohabitation.At the time of the hot dogs can change their behavior.
    The female can be quite changeable in character.Solution, sterilization, which is significantly more expensive (400 to 500 euro minimum)

The Male:

  • A male has a more stable character.
  • Do not suffer from pathologies (only risk: the prostate cancer but is very rare and is only as 1 to 10% of dogs (especially large & medium breeds)

Now, having read this information, weigh the pros and cons… we are also at your disposal for advices.

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