Our puppies are raised in family: not in cages nor on wood ships.

All our puppies are protected against worms, inoculated, identified by chip. They have the passport and benefit from the written guarantee, contract of sale as well as from the complete written clinical examination, what is given to the future owner. A veterinary follow-up is regularly insured!! (Our veterinarian is: Dr Frédéric GLUCKMANN, rue du Beau Site 80 to 4800 LAMBERMONT. Phone: 087/33.00.60)

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The general public is often regrettably stupid and careless when it is a question of buying a dog; we like apparently to be shamelessly deceived…

I am always surprised noticing how people can be “accurate” when it is a question of acquiring a vehicle that they are going to keep only 4 years but with which carelessness they choose their puppy which is going to share their life a dozen years…



Our conception of breeding:

Allow the lovers of one of our breeds, to accommodate an ideal dog.

Propose a beautiful dog, which corresponds perfectly to the standard of the breed, is already a happiness which is very important to me.

A dog is a living beign; it is very important to me that it also is psychologically a good dog, by being balanced, comfortable and sociable in the life. My selection also extends in the health and in the screenings of genetically transmitted diseases which it is possible to detect.

My purpose is that puppies coming from my breeding become beautiful and good dogs, of which you will be proud to be the owners and that they give you complete satisfaction.

A responsible and passionate breeder worries about the evolution of the breeds which he raises, he has contacts with the other breeders, with the clubs of breed. He follows closely what takes place in the canine environment.

I advise my customers for free, even after the purchase of a puppy, my customers can count on me, as far as my possibilities. Some people became faithful friends.

I am working on the balance, the socialization and the health of my dogs. I give all of my attention to raise dogs that feel good in their head and healthy in their body.

My puppies are socialized from their birth. All of my puppies are born in my house, and are subjected from their youngest age to the ambient noises of the everyday life.

Sociability also means to be sociable with its congeners! Our puppies are in constant contact with all of our other dogs and this from their youngest age, because to be of “vouchers” grown-up dogs, it is crucial that puppies are both in contact with adults and other puppies… this to ensure that all the ” codes of the hierarchy ” connect correctly in the head of the puppy!!

To buy a dog at a breeder, a real one, it is to put all the chances on your side to really get the dog which you wish, with all its breed criteria, and of which its selection extends in the health and in the screenings of genetic diseases. But in another approach, if you can not afford it… there are many dogs available for the adoption in shelter dog.

Indeed, at 8 weeks old, how to know if:

The bichon which you have just acquired at a merchant (which unfortunately does not know anything about the parents of your future mate) will not weigh 5Kg and will reach the size of 30 cms a few months later? And the parents, have they been tested for kneecaps? Are you ready to take the risk of having to pay an operation of 500 euro??? Many of white dogs looking like “bichon” of doubtful origin are marketed (too tall – too big – bad fur)

How to know if the poodle which you wished so much will really look like the photos of magazines ant not like the vulgar curled dog with falling ears walking in the streets? Are you ready to risk to take a poodle whose the parents were not tested against the P.R.A. (progressive atrophy of the retina) and which threatens to end up blind at the age of 3? Are you ready to assume an operation of the kneecaps which cost you at least not less than 500 euro?

How to be sure that the small bulldog you wished so much will not be affected by serious cardiac problems at the age of 2 years… as far as you do know strictly nothing of its origins nor of its parents?

And all these risks are taken for an “economy” of a hundred of euro made at a trader or a non-professonal breeder who does not know anything??? To meditate…

Your companion is there for a dozen years.